Monday Humor: We crazy like that

May came and went by so fast, didn’t it? Something seems to be chasing this year. I wonder where it’s running to. Anyway, we shall keep our flag flying no matter what.

So while in school, I was the serious type. Check this very funny post so you’ll understand. Always early to class, never late in submitting assignments, notes always intact, etc. Typically, I wasn’t very fashionable(I’m still not), but I managed to keep my head above water. Shirts to the rescue, most of the time. Now, second year is an academic year I do not want to ever remember because it was such a confusing time. We all had to run around like headless chickens that year, what with so many “borrowed courses”  and changes in existing systems. That was also the year of my worst GPA. Bleh. Terrible year.

So on this particular day, we just heard that a class would be in session. This was a course we had to borrow from statistics department and I was not finding it easy as we had had only one lecture throughout the semester and exams were close. Imagine the speed I used to rush out of the hostel when I heard that a class had been fixed. Almost sprained my ankle sprinting to Abuja building for a class I ended up not understanding sef. Mtchew.

I got to class, amid the usual boisterous greetings and haggling for seating space. There were very few girls there, as is typical of impromptu classes, and we got down to business when the lecturer came in. It was quite interactive, even though I could tell that half of the class, like me, wasn’t following fully.


Anyway, it ended and we were all having the usual after class discussions when someone blurted out: “Come oh, Chibugo, which style of wearing shirt be this nah?”. That was when I looked down at what I was wearing. 😩😢😥. I had worn my shirt inside out, and it was extremely obvious. It took me below 2 seconds to recover and throw back a light retort: “You didn’t know? Na the new style wey dey reign naaaw. No carry me play ooo!”  And we all laughed. I laughed loudest, but inside my mind, I was like this


It pays to have a sharp mouth, I tell you.

Kisses and hugs, and a happy democracy holiday to you.

Dont stop being awesome. ✌✌

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8 thoughts on “Monday Humor: We crazy like that

  1. Hahahahahhahhahah 2nd year sha dt was a crazy year u know, buh den during presch days at unizik we all wore our shirts and trousers inside out and the next week another class did dsame maybe because a lot of us wore it it became kind of a trend and some other classes did same too in subsequent weeks. Buh since it was only u in this oyo na ur case u get luck i nor see u dt day i for finish ya timaya lol. I think i can now update comments gracias

    1. Finally you could comment! Yay! Nna, it was just me oh. Chei. Thank God I didn’t jam you that day. Who know wetin for happen. Thanks for visiting the blog!

    2. Lmao…..atleast ur mouth was ready with retort. When my own happened I was numb for like 5 seconds with my mouth moving noiselessly like a fish

  2. Hi Chibugo,

    Lol @ “No carry me play ooo!” I actually imagined the inside-out shirt.

    Nice response, it’s unsweet to enjoying laughing at the expense of someone who laughs at theirself the loudest. 😀

    1. Haha! I don’t give anyone the pleasure of finding my gaffes any funnier than me. Thank you Nedoux! I love it when you visit

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