Monday Humor : Delirium

I was 11. It was a Sunday evening and we had just returned from visiting with family. We had to make a beeline from the house of our hosts to the car as it was raining. On the way home, I began sneezing. “Come on Chibugo! Is it this small rain that is making you sneeze?” asked father, and we all laughed. Despite all the teasing from him and everyone else, by the time we got home, I was shaking violently like cassava leaves in a storm. Someone put my favourite red and green sweater over my head and I crawled into a warm corner and dropped off to a feverish sleep.


Now let me tell you something you don’t know. In our living room back then, everyone had their “television seat” (which was usually the closest you could get to the television without being spanked) and their “prayer seat”(which was actually the farthest you could get from the central table without being spanked. Everyone always tried to escape leading in choruses or having to explain the Bible passages. Lol). Usually, every morning, father’s alarm (which could wake the dead, literally) would ring at precisely 5:30 am and the older kids would jump out of bed, wake the smaller ones, take them to the bathroom to pee, and everyone would file into the living room for morning devotion, going straight to their respective “prayer seats”. Now I had slept for about an hour and Mother was not yet back with my medicine. Suddenly I heard the alarm ring and I jumped out of sleep, and headed straight to the living room for prayers. I sat in my prayer seat with my bible and sat staring bleakly, wondering through my pounding headache why father had the television on when we hadn’t yet prayed, and why everyone else was taking so long in reporting for devotion.

Father would look at me and look back at the tv, and look at me again and look away with concern all over his face. After a while, he lowered the volume of the tv and asked me “How are you feeling?” Even as I murmured something incoherent he came to feel my head. I was burning up! He immediately yelled for Mother and she came bearing my medicine. My annual attack of malaria had come when we least hesperredit😰😷

Obviously I recovered, but my “rep” suffered at home as I was the butt of jokes for a very long time. :'(😥😩Apparently, this was what had happened that day, as recounted by my siblings:


We had gotten home and nobody knew how serious my symptoms were, until Mother touched me and discovered I had a high fever and went in search of medicine. While she was away, a truck on the road sounded its shrill horn and I jumped out of bed and walked straight to the living room like a sleep walker, grabbing my bible on the way. It was about 6pm. Father observed the strange behavior and reached for me, only to discover that I was murmuring to myself and I was as hot as a stove. That was when he yelled for Mother and my malaria-induced delirium and fever were taken care of.

My people, that was how malaria made me sleepwalk and sleep talk. The things that malaria fever has made people say ehn, I just kent tell it all 😭😭😭. May malaria never make you confess your sins in public. Lol.

I’m just getting home from a very hectic day at work and this is what I could come up with. Remembering it made me smile. I hope that reading it made you smile too.

XOXO, Chibugo.

Oh, Thank God I didn’t forget. How many of you attended the “Internet Entrepreneur” conference last week at Eko hotels VI? It was awesome and I regret not putting it up on the blog so that those who would be interested in going could sign up. There were really great guests relevant to the Nigerian Internet and social media growth and popularity present like Jason Njoku of Iroko tv, Opeyemi Awoyemi of jobberman, Craze clown from Instagram, Akin Alabi himself(CEO/founder of Nairabet), Tiwa Savage and the CEO of naijaloaded (I’ll put his name in the main post). I’m glad I went and I will be putting up a blog post soon about it. It will be coming with a small surprise, and I really hope I live up to this promise as this blog is fast becoming a Monday Monday medicine.

Before I begin rambling again, have a great week ahead, fuel scarcity notwithstanding.

Sincerely, Chibugo

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  1. Me I can’t wait for the surprise. Yesso, I can be like that! I just like surprises.

    Please oo, may such malaria not attack me biko (Amen)!

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