RAPE: No One Deserves It!


A couple days back, as I walked down the road, I happened upon a man staring intently in one direction. Naturally, I was curious and looked to find out what had interested him so much to warrant such a stare. I turned and saw the focus of his attention: A very voluptuous woman was walking down the road and his eyes moved with the rhythm of her swaying waist. I didn’t understand it. They were literally fixed on her swinging buttocks, with no shame or self consciousness whatsoever. Amazing, I thought. I passed by him and shook my head. After I walked a few metres, I felt the urge to turn around and see where his attention would be this time. Lo and behold, his eyes were trained on my backside!!! I was astonished! Now, know this: by African standards, I have a flat backside. FLAT. What could he be looking at?

I had initially thought his gaze was fixed on the other woman because of her enormous backside, but I realized that there was something more to it: No matter whose backside it was, he would give it the same treatment! Brethren, he literally undressed me with his eyes and I am sure many other female passers by would be on the receiving end of that stare. It made me think, really, about this rampant phenomenon called rape, and what leads to it. When I was younger and didn’t fully understand what rape meant, each time I heard of rape, I would usually think that it was probably because the female put herself in a provocative position and that made her get such a treatment.

I came to understand some things more clearly. A rapist will rape no matter what. There is something that makes a man cheat on his wife, no matter how loyal and physically attractive she is. That same thing makes a man rape a woman, regardless of age. This is the same thing that makes a brother defile his sister: Lack of self control. Only animals should have to be qualified under this group. No doubt, looking isn’t the same as actually doing, but a lot of the time, it leads to it.

There is a wrong notion down here that inappropriate dressing qualifies one for rape. A very stupid misconception. How indecent is a woman covered with clothes from head to toe with a hijab on her head? How indecent is a 6 year old child? How indecent is a 92 year old woman? These and many more similar cases have been recorded, and very few actually speak out for fear of stigmatization. The problem is very fundamental. We are a society that raise women with the mindset that they are something inferior, and on the other hand, raise boys to be kings of their worlds. You would be surprised at the huge number of girls/boys who have been molested by trusted family members or friends.The reality of it all will shock you.
Let me rant a bit. From birth, girls are told to conform to certain standards or else they become unmarriageable. Sit and close your legs! Don’t you know you’re a girl?/ Don’t study political science or law! Don’t you know you’re a girl?/ Don’t argue too knowledgeably! Don’t you know you’re a girl? Just smile and agree with him! You shouldn’t try to prove too smart.(Y’all gon have to kill me dead on this one) /Don’t buy that car! Its too expensive! Don’t you know you’re a girl? No man wants to marry a girl who is too successful!/ Your husband cheated on you? Serially? Ahn ahn! What did you do? (Imagine that!) Were you not giving it to him regularly? You were? What about his food? hmmm, well you just have to endure and pray to God to change his heart (Yeah, God doesn’t fight our battles for us. Wait a bit more till said husband awards you an STD for your prayerful efforts). The list goes on and on. Being a woman becomes a thing of shame. A thing that only has honour when you are able to answer Mrs Somebody(And don’t even think it ends there, Mrs Somebody. Have you had a son yet?). On the other hand, the boys are trained to possess the world. To rule. To govern. To take. Well, somebody shoot me! This is where the problem lies! They keep taking and taking! I know I’m kinda all over the place in this article but this is a rant and I’m pretty much typing as the spirit leads. While we train our girls to fit into the “good wives” category, why don’t we also teach our boys that their job is to protect and not harm the female species? Why do we not teach our sons to be good husbands too? To be good and decent men basically?

The long and short of what I am rambling on and on about, is that, one:we have a duty to protect the next generation from this high spate of sexual abuse cases by teaching them right. Two: in any true case of rape, the victim should never be blamed. Three: even a prostitute does not deserve to be raped. There is no justification whatsoever, for the act of rape. The fact is, rape is about power, not necessarily sex.  A rapist is a criminal, period. The act is usually well thought out and planned before it is done. It is hardly ever on a whim. The mere thought of anyone having to force me into doing the do is enough to make me contemplate suicide. Honestly, what are your thoughts about this?

While you ponder on whether this post is about rape or gender equality, let me leave you with these:

A woman is human. She is not better, wiser, stronger, more intelligent, more creative, or more responsible than a man. Likewise, she is never less. Equality is a given. A woman is human. – Vera Nazarian

Rape is one of the most terrible crimes on earth and it happens every few minutes. The problem with groups who deal with rape is that they try to educate women about how to defend themselves. What really needs to be done is teaching men not to rape. Go to the source and start there. – Kurt Cobain

Bear with me. I have been recently pelted left, right and centre with tear inducing stories of rape that I have come here to let off some steam. Do your bit, people. Let’s kick against rape.

Sincerely, Chibugo.

90s chick; nerd, humanitarian; lover of life, family, fashion, food, art and literature; Christian by birth and choice. In short, I’m like jollof rice: you’re gonna love me. 😉

11 thoughts on “RAPE: No One Deserves It!

  1. Yea, I quite don’t understand the rationale behind rape. However, and truth be told, there is such thing as “provocative dressing.” Just like certain circumstances make one contemplate suicide, so do certain manners of dressing.

    Don’t get me wrong, rape remains evil. But since you’re not a guy, you may not understand how this chemistry thing happens.

    Lest we forget, rape has taken new dimensions lately. Women rape men, women rape women & men rape men. So, we should equally address the question of rape with the ramifications in mind.

    1. I get you totally. But Truth be told also, the fact that something provokes your hunger for it, doesn’t mean you go and take it. That a meal is attractive and the aroma provocative, it doesn’t mean I’ll take it. Why? Simple. Its not mine. Thanks for dropping by Cornel.

        1. Hmmmm…. I just did, and thank you, because I learnt something. Well, it IS expensive, but we all have the currency to buy it. Humanity. That’s the currency.

  2. Yes, we need to start from the roots. Telling a lady to dress or not dress in a certain way will not change anything. How ill dressed are the underaged girls being raped?! Until we can get people to talk and use stricter sentences on people found guilty in rape cases – men, women etc, we will continue to grapple terribly with this menance and the terrible emotional pain it inflicts on victims for life.

  3. Hmmm. I had always wondered how a girl could rape a boy until my friend told me that there are substances that these so called girls drink or whatever, and then they suck ‘it’ and the rest is history. Now this may be true…
    So u can wonder the extent a human can go to defile another. Another is wickedness…men that rape little children have serious issue..the fact is that they do not like free sex…wonder what happen to the harlots…if you get ma drift. They prefer seeing the pains, cries, and weakness in the raped. It kinda gives them pleasure/ecstasy.

  4. When it happens, it’s advised that the victim reports promptly to the right authority for prompt investigation and prosecution of culprit. Now due to stigmatization, victims have cold feet in reporting such. Yet we encourage them and assure the victims of confidentiality, for that’s the only human way to fight and stop the menace.

    1. But you know Nigeria and her talk talk talk syndrome. All the officials do is talk, they don’t actually do anything except when under pressure from above. Imagine, someone was raped during her service year when she refused to be bribed into registering underaged voters and when she reported at the Police Station she was asked really stupid questions and when she saw they could really not help her, she had to help herself. What about the 11 year old girl whose mother took her to the police to report a case of rape and one of the officers had the nerve to ask the little girl,”did you enjoy it?” I weep for Nigeria

  5. Rape is bad and I don’t think is a men problem only but I believe, some women do rape men as well. So my point is that, let us not blame another for being in the viteam. Les pray together in other for us to over come the raping problem in our socirties and country in large. To be honest, what eyes did not see, mouth can not water it for. Everybody will like good thing or try to have something good around. When u see looking good men or women. Consider them as ur brothers or sisters and do not take advantage of anybody around u to ur bed. Respect urself to be respected. Blev me or not, every thing in life has time. If u most have sex go marry and have fun. Wait for the real sex not rape of a thing. God help us all. Amen

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