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Anyone who went to uni in Nigeria must have experienced the strikes at least once. ASUU strikes have become a normal thing in the Nigerian tertiary education system. While waiting for the compilation of my final year results prior to NYSC, the strike began again. This would be the third time I would be experiencing it while in University. These people want make person get grey hair all in the name of getting BSc. So of course, homegirl had to find something to do to keep busy. Father intervened, asking me to be his Personal Assistant at the bookstore.


I agreed since I already had experience working there every summer holiday since I was 12 anyway. Plus, I couldn’t decline a free ride to and from work now could I? During those few months, I made new friends, and of course I had a few mishaps, what I like to call hembarrazzing moments. One of them was the day I declined an over-enthusiastic toaster. He was this very loud person who had a very unforgiving Igbo accent (Igbo bu Igbo, mma mma nu!), and in typical omata fashion, everything had to revolve around him and what his money could do. Some omatas are cute sha, this one’s attitude wasn’t.

I had given him the cold shoulder, but of course, business had to go on nevertheless. After ordering his goods and getting them packed in cartons, I had the invoice written and proceeded to calculate the total. He was standing beside me and monitoring the calculation, and, being in show-off mode, you need to see how my fingers flew over the keys of the calculator!


Omo mehn! I was feeling fly! One only needs to see how I haughtily cocked my head to one side while performing the calculations. It was a really long invoice and I typed the last figures with a flourish, ready to input the total on the invoice…. But I looked at the screen and alas! It was blank! Wait, wait wait! Hollup! So this guy had quietly stood by my side, watching me humiliate myself by typing in all the figures in the long invoice even though he knew the darned thing wasn’t switched on?! Chai!!!! DiarisGodooooo!!!

Embarrassed doesn’t even describe how I felt at that moment. I looked up at him, and just as I had imagined, he was watching me with a devilish smirk on his face, and I knew I made the right choice in not accepting his offer of a date. So, because I rejected you, you decided to punish me ehn? Issorai. In my mind I was banging my head on the table and screaming in frustration even though externally, I didn’t even act like I was pained. To maintain the last shreds of my dignity, I jejely called the sales boy and handed the long invoice to him. If oga here thinks he just got me frustrated, let him wait until this boy takes thirty minutes to do a 10-minute computation, then he’ll know what he  just did to himself. yimu to him.

I did not find it funny at that time but being who I am, I couldn’t help but see the humor in it. What was I even feeling like sef? Lmao!

Have a productive and stress-free week my friends!!!

Learn to laugh in the face of stress… It makes it lose its destructive potency – Chibugo

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  1. Chai! That guy no try o. He’s mean! In his mind he would be rolling on the floor and laughing like there’s no tomorrow. But you can be funny o

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