How to handle “democracy day” as an apolitical Nigerian(like me)

From the post title, you may have thought I’d give you alternatives to choices of entertainment on this public holiday. Not so, I’m afraid. I’m just gonna tell a sad truth.

A great portion of Nigerian Millenials are apolitical. We’re not to be blamed though, seeing as those who run the country we were born into have given us little reason to be impressed with them. That would mean that I subscribe to Chinua Achebe’s school of thought that believes that the problem with Nigeria lies in her leadership.

May 29th was a holiday meant to mark the peaceful transition to civilian rule after decades of military rule and all the crises associated with the time. The thing is, we simply moved from being ruled by the military to being ruled by retired military men. Of about two decades of civilian rule, almost twelve years have seen a government of retired military men. This isn’t the real problem. After all, the pureblood civilian rulers didn’t do much for us either.

The problem is that we complain of the leadership when one thing is obvious:

A leader was once a follower.

If we truly want change, we ought to be the change we want to see. That probably sounds like a well worn cliché seeing as many factors in this very peculiar country make it difficult to be completely honest and upright in one’s dealings, including leadership. I just know that while we await a national messiah, we can begin by doing the right thing whatever situation we find ourselves in: making money the right way; writing and passing examinations the right way; carrying put our responsibilities without expecting extra financial gain; seeing money as means to an end, not a way of manipulating our fellow man into doing our wish; and tolerating our neighbor regardless of tribe or creed. One day, an ordinary Nigerian like you and I will ascend the throne. If we start this change revolution , we wouldn’t have to worry about a government of lies and nepotism, of bloodshed and blatant ignorance of the cry of the common man. We would all be corruption free.

Finally and most importantly, get your voters card! Most of us get it as just a means of identification and that’s very sad. Just remember that regardless of what you may think, politics is responsible for the price of bread and rice and fuel and garri. Therefore, if you decide to remain apolitical, you have no moral right to complain about whatever brand of governance is shoved into your face come election year, or however high the cost of living in Nigeria might become. Have a voice and use it. Get your voter’s card!

Bad things happen not only when bad people do bad stuff, but when good people decide to do and say nothing.

Happy democracy day. We shall overcome. ✊

Sincerely, Chibugo.

90s chick; nerd, humanitarian; lover of life, family, fashion, food, art and literature; Christian by birth and choice. In short, I’m like jollof rice: you’re gonna love me. 😉

#LifeinUNN Trending Everywhere!

It is a known fact that every institution has its peculiarities and those who go through them are either the better or the worse for it. For example, Unilag and Uniport students are usually categorized as social animals who know how to party and flex. Private universities like Covenant and Madonna are known to be very uptight, but the students are said to be the EXACT opposite as soon as they’re outside the institution’s walls. Eees nor me dat tell you oh. On another level is University of Nigeria Nsukka, my alma mater, otherwise known as University of Nsogbu Nsogbu. (Nsogbu means trouble/stress in Igbo). Now, schooling in UNN is a different ball game entirely, because it requires intelligence and loads of work for one to get in, and bucketloads of patience, grit and hardwork to make it out alive with a good result. It only serves to toughen us and prepare us for whatever the real world has in store. Trust me, I’m not saying this just because I graduated from there, its a fact that most people have come to accept.

As a matter of fact, the environment of the school alone shows that over there, they mean business. It is an academic environment through and through; its as though the authorities when establishing the school said,”if you want to catch fun, go find it elsewhere”. Little wonder we are conferred the title: great Lions and Lionesses. Its better experienced, I tell you. You are roasted in the fire and melted so that you come out stronger and more refined. Well, a UNN Graduate is ahead of you…naturally. Lol. So I was jejely and nwayorly strolling down the streets of Twitter and Facebook when I came across numerous tweets and posts with the hashtag #LifeinUNN. They were all so hilarious that I missed dinner because my belle don full with laff. You know how I love y’all, so I just had to share.If these screenshots dont make any UNN graduate nostalgic, then I don’t know what will! Now let me warn you, this is a picture heavy post!EnjoyScreenshot_2016-01-11-22-32-55Screenshot_2016-01-11-22-32-22.pngScreenshot_2016-01-11-22-34-17.pngScreenshot_2016-01-11-22-36-40.pngScreenshot_2016-01-11-22-40-11.pngScreenshot_2016-01-11-22-40-51 (1).pngScreenshot_2016-01-11-22-41-59.pngScreenshot_2016-01-11-22-41-59.pngScreenshot_2016-01-11-22-50-13.pngScreenshot_2016-01-11-22-50-13.pngScreenshot_2016-01-11-22-51-38.pngScreenshot_2016-01-11-22-55-51.pngScreenshot_2016-01-11-22-56-57.pngScreenshot_2016-01-11-22-59-06.pngScreenshot_2016-01-11-22-59-39.pngScreenshot_2016-01-12-06-51-39.pngScreenshot_2016-01-12-06-54-42.png

I hope you enjoyed reading them as much as I did. To those still in the “den” called UNN, enjoy your time there because it only lasts so long, and the rest of your life is spent remembering. Be sure to live now in a way to give you only good memories in the future. Students and alumni of other schools, can you relate?  If you have any new #LifeinUNN punchlines, make us happier than we already are by putting them in the comments!

Till my next post, kizzez, hugz and kulikuli.

Mahadum is the Igbo word for University; It literally means: learn it all. So, learn it all, for it doesn’t end in the pages of your books. – Chibugo

90s chick; nerd, humanitarian; lover of life, family, fashion, food, art and literature; Christian by birth and choice. In short, I’m like jollof rice: you’re gonna love me. 😉