Temporary romantic partners: to have or not to have?

While the term dating has many meanings, the most common refers to a trial period in which two people explore whether to take the relationship further towards a more permanent relationship

I got that from Wikipedia.


Now, the term “dating” is one of those terms that people seem to have different meanings for. I sensed this when I was told by a colleague, “Hey, you only live once.! This is your time to have fun! You’re so choosy at this dating thing. Seriously.”

Well, I’m sorry, but if dating means making out with every Tom, Dick and Harry I go to the movies with, then no thanks. *insert appropriate grimace*. I’m particular about those I let into my personal space.

Temporary romantic partners are people we date with no intention of settling down with them. Yep, situations like this exist. They’re even more commonplace than you could imagine.

I was shocked when I had a discussion with a friend and she mentioned the man she was dating. In my typical blunt way, I ask, “Do you see yourself spending your life with him?”

“No”. She says.

I am more shocked, if that’s even possible. “Why are you then dating him for Pete’s sake?” I’m perplexed. She’s pretty, not the kind that lacks male attention.

She gives me that “Don’t probe too much” look. I will not mention what she eventually tells me is her reason for being with him, but it does nothing to ease my perplexity.

It doesn’t help that most people who date in our Universities have no intention of ending up with the person they date. It has a name even. It’s called “school boyfriend or girlfriend”. It’s not supposed to be serious.  It seldom leads to marriage; as a matter of fact, of the many school boyfriend/girlfriend situationships I’ve seen, only one has ever led to the altar. Mind you, most of these relationships while they exist, bear every mark of “legally married”, while being everything but. Back in university, we actually had a “couple of the year” award. And no, the nominees and eventual winning couple weren’t married but they played their roles beautifully, playing husband and wife like their calling. That’s how normal it’s become.

Dating should be fun, shouldn’t it?

Of course. But that’s not all there is to it. Unless the world became full of selfish, pleasure seeking millenials while I was asleep. How do you explain dating a girl for years and knowing fully that you do not intend to marry her when you’re ready to settle down but want to have all the “fun” now in bed and out of it?

It’s different for the “modern” folks who believe that sex is like a meal you should eat whenever you feel like and move on. If both parties are aware that they’re being used by the other as a “fuck buddy” and they’re fine with it, then hey, whatever rocks their boat. Check out popular scenarios:

1. Girl and boy meet in uni, and decide to date exclusively. They become intimate by plan or by chance. One of them likes the fun and the ride, but knows he/she would never settle for current partner. Years down the line, one of them walks. Dumpee is shocked and wondering why. Dumper doesn’t give time for the dust to settle. Dumper’s next post on Facebook is a wedding picture.

2. Guy meets a pretty young girl and decides he wants her for his wife. She doesn’t love him but because he seems to hold the key to her family’s financial emancipation, she tells him that she has to finish school before they can take their relationship to the next level. He agrees and trains her through 4, 5, maybe 6 years of University. She has a plan all this time. As soon as she completes her program, she tells him she has no interest anymore(old news!) and takes a walk. *insert nollywood dramatic soundtrack*

3. Girl meets famous guy and falls hard. He has other girls but hey, he’s famous so she should be happy she even gets to be called the “main chick” and hang on bis arm at events. Eventually one of the “side chicks” bears him a kid and he has to let main chick go so as to do right by his child. Of course she goes. She must have known that with his roving eyes, their relationship was even less than temporary.

It all boils down to using people and loving things. We love what we can get from people: fame, financial security, perhaps even love(in some weird situations) , but we cruelly use the people themselves to get these things.

Ours is a generation of selfish and myopic cowards, pardon my French. Wanting everything but too lazy to get it the right way, and blaming everyone but ourselves when things go wrong.

Having fun with friends is a great way of building a solid support system, and by all means, experience all there is to experience. As long as it doesn’t end up with you having the body count of a public toilet, or a litany of broken relationships to spice up stories for your future grandkids. You don’t have to be your own Guinea pig. Learning from other people’s mistakes is usually the best way to gather experience without actually living the experiences.

The problem? We don’t stand for anything anymore, and so we fall for anything. If we weren’t such shallow minded pleasure seekers, we would “guard our hearts with all diligence”. Whatever then manages to get in, would be real.

The time to walk is before someone’s heart gets too emotionally invested

Be open and communicative! That way you know just where you’re headed in the relationship and you know when to stop the charade(if there is one)

Stop being a doormat and hoping your partner will change if you do this or that better. He/she probably won’t. Save yourself the hurt down the line and take a walk before you become too invested.

If you’re looking to “forever” and your significant other is looking to “live the moment”, you might just need to develop those leg muscles. Take a long walk.

I’m hardly qualified to speak on relationship matters, but these are truths that people are ignorant of in the search for love or anything that resembles it. The loveless world we live in makes people cling to unhealthy relationships that do far more harm than good.

Don’t cling to shit. It will only make you smelly. Don’t be shit either. You’ll only be flushed down.

Oh-so-sincerely, Chibugo.


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Monday Humor: We crazy like that

May came and went by so fast, didn’t it? Something seems to be chasing this year. I wonder where it’s running to. Anyway, we shall keep our flag flying no matter what.

So while in school, I was the serious type. Check this very funny post so you’ll understand. Always early to class, never late in submitting assignments, notes always intact, etc. Typically, I wasn’t very fashionable(I’m still not), but I managed to keep my head above water. Shirts to the rescue, most of the time. Now, second year is an academic year I do not want to ever remember because it was such a confusing time. We all had to run around like headless chickens that year, what with so many “borrowed courses”  and changes in existing systems. That was also the year of my worst GPA. Bleh. Terrible year.

So on this particular day, we just heard that a class would be in session. This was a course we had to borrow from statistics department and I was not finding it easy as we had had only one lecture throughout the semester and exams were close. Imagine the speed I used to rush out of the hostel when I heard that a class had been fixed. Almost sprained my ankle sprinting to Abuja building for a class I ended up not understanding sef. Mtchew.

I got to class, amid the usual boisterous greetings and haggling for seating space. There were very few girls there, as is typical of impromptu classes, and we got down to business when the lecturer came in. It was quite interactive, even though I could tell that half of the class, like me, wasn’t following fully.


Anyway, it ended and we were all having the usual after class discussions when someone blurted out: “Come oh, Chibugo, which style of wearing shirt be this nah?”. That was when I looked down at what I was wearing. 😩😢😥. I had worn my shirt inside out, and it was extremely obvious. It took me below 2 seconds to recover and throw back a light retort: “You didn’t know? Na the new style wey dey reign naaaw. No carry me play ooo!”  And we all laughed. I laughed loudest, but inside my mind, I was like this


It pays to have a sharp mouth, I tell you.

Kisses and hugs, and a happy democracy holiday to you.

Dont stop being awesome. ✌✌

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Monday Humor : Its a boy girl thing

Short, and hopefully, sweet.

It was one of those holidays in university. I had been home for a few days when this boy began pestering me. He always seemed to appear from nowhere, like a Phantom. I was nineteen, and he looked to be a little older than me but there was no sign that he ever did anything responsible but wear trendy clothes, press big phones, hang about the streets during the weekdays, and play ball on the same streets during the weekends. With my plans to have at least an MSc by 25, I wasn’t giving in to any irresponsible brat. I told him this in my nicest tone of voice, but as a fine boy, I guess he wasn’t used to being turned down. Chai.

Fast forward to a week after this. We were back from mass and preparing lunch when Mother realized we had run out of one ingredient, I can’t remember what exactly it was. I had to dash to the nearest shop to buy it. Gosh! Am I the only one who hates impromptu errands like this? Anyway, I had just walked a few metres out of the driveway when I came face to face with two teams of bare chested boys playing football. I feel extremely awkward when I have to pass by such a large group of boys(Even now. Sheesh), but the food was already cooking so I pushed each foot ahead of the other, walking on the other extreme of the street. Two more strides and I would be out of their sight, or so I thought.11615503-laughing-out-loud-emoticon-stock-vector-smiley-face-cartoon

At the same moment I thought this, something hit me really hard on my bum. Yes, my buttocks. I stumbled forward from the impact, but managed not to fall. It had hit me that hard. Those bloody boys had kicked their filthy ball at me! Straight on target too! I turned on them with such venom in my eyes, ready to kick butt, even if it meant that the food would cook a bit longer. The boys immediately began shouting apologies albeit in jocular tones. “Ah, fine sister, sorry oo. Na slip of ball”, “Abeg no vex”, “Aunty sorry abeg”. I was still angry, until I saw who wasn’t talking among the lot. My “toaster”  was standing at a very suspicious angle. Only someone at that angle could have kicked the ball so effectively. He wasn’t moving, just looking in the air with no expression on his face. I didn’t need a seer to tell me who had kicked the ball at me. Suddenly I wasn’t angry anymore. I began laughing. The boys joined me in my laughter, but I’m sure they wondered why I was laughing. I’d just been hit by a ball and I was laughing. If that ball had hit me on the head, they would have probably thought I had gone out of my mind from its impact. I dusted my shorts and kept moving. Lunch was on the cooker. Leave trash for LAWMA.

If they only knew. I was not laughing because it was funny; I was laughing because dear “toaster” had just showed me how right I was in not “agreeing”  for him. I never saw that boy in my area again. I have no idea why.

Nonsense and ingredients!

Have a productive week! Be friggin’ awesome!!! 

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Now that NYSC is over, what next? Part 1.(Long post!)


At a certain career conference I attended 2 months after I passed out of NYSC (to be precise, it was Sterling bank’s Get Ready For Work event) , I met a fellow jobseeker. As expected, we got talking and I asked her about the challenges she had faced in the job hunting process. To which she replied that there were just no jobs. I laughed it off, saying it was still too early to say so. I then asked her how many steps she had taken towards securing a job and she replied that she had been submitting her CV at some firms but was yet to be called for an interview. I then asked her how many job websites she was subscribed to and she said none. You can imagine my surprise when she drew out her phone and it was an android device! What then was her excuse for not being subscribed to a job site?

Have you just been applying for jobs, and have never been invited for an interview? If this is you, I believe I have a few tips that should make 2016 your “testimony year”. (You might want to fill your email into the subscription box on the right so you can get updates on this post)

Now, at the time of this exchange, I was also unemployed(Okay not really. I was working at an unpaid job. Pretty much the same, no?) Anyway, I knew something was definitely not right. I’d been home for barely 2 months after NYSC but I had already attended a couple interviews and even declined some. I didn’t have anything special, I was just armed with my degree, my ancient blackberry and laptop. As a matter of fact I didn’t even have Internet connection on the laptop but I was the number one Customer at a nearby internet cafe. I know that a new batch of corps members will soon be sent out into the same overcrowded employment market, and so this is timely. Better for you if you’re still in uni or still actively serving. Its never too early to plan your life.


1. I don’t know it all, but I would advice that you begin putting out your CV as soon as you’re in your final year at University. I wish someone had told me this then. It only occured to me that this was really a good move, when I came across an old school mate who was a year below me and worked at a multinational organization before NYSC. It was a paid internship and she was earning six figures every month(in naira, of course). I was envious. While in final year, most of us were concerned with getting our GPAs set in time for graduation, without really knowing what was waiting for us out there. The national internship body SIWES doesn’t work out great for most undergrads because time isn’t really provided for the exercise and so an internship immediately after graduation would be a very good way to find your feet in the professional world. You may not be paid much, if you’re paid at all, but as long as it is an industry relevant to your career path, you will not regret making the move. Relevant experience is priceless. Where you don’t have such an opportunity, begin sending out applications as soon as your service year begins.

2. Have a well written CV, tailored to every application you send: I cannot stress this enough. Nothing puts a HR officer off more than a shoddily written resume. As to the finer points of CV writing, that will be the subject of another post. These days, its not enough to just write one “banging” CV and keep firing it in all directions, expecting something wonderful to happen. You have a first class, great! But here’s bad news: No One will be interested in your first class if you don’t put it to them in a way that will make them interested. In fact, let me cut down to the chase. These days, HR officers have found a way to get around the massive numbers of applications they receive each time they put out a job ad. Now listen, and listen well. I’m not a tech person, but I’m going to explain this the best way I can. In the HR department of most medium to large organizations, there’s a software called ATS(Applicant Tracking System) which is usually attached to the email into which you, the applicant, send your application. This software works by sieving and grading the emails which come in, and checking them for matching key words. You may note that in every job description, there are usually specific words used in describing the kind of employee they want. So if the system recognises the phrase “good team player”, but you put “I work well within a group”, you might just be ignored, and your resume sent into trash. The resumes that are graded well by the software get to be viewed by the HR. Keep it simple and ask for help if you need to. Use formal expressions. Check the key words in the job ad, and tailor your application to fit into the requirements of that position. This also goes for skills. If the skills you have in anyway match what is required, please put it in. Yes, searching for a job is a job itself. If you want to win, you gotta put in the time. It helps if you already have two or three CVs for different kinds of job industries you fit into. That means that for any application into each group, you just have to edit and click “send”. Be very meticulous about this, if you actually want your application to be viewed by human eyes and not sent to trash by the robot called ATS. Please ensure you check before sending, so that you don’t submit a CV for a secretarial role to an ad asking for a business development officer.

3. For every application you send, include a cover letter: The presence of a well written cover letter (written with what I said in number 2 in mind), shows your level of interest in the job, written by your own hand. It is definitely a plus. Focus on your strong points and highlight how your skills can be helpful to their company. If possible, show how you have successfully utilized these skills in the past.

4. Proof read, proof read, and proof read again: whether it be your edited CV, a cover letter, or whatever, this pretty much explains itself. Proof read, my people. There’s no such thing as being over correct.

5. Learn a skill: While waiting for a call or email, or while still serving, learn a skill relevant to the industry you have interest in. Please don’t follow the crowd. The fact that everyone is doing a project management course doesn’t mean that you have to.

6. Account for every time space on your CV : Make sure there are no extended empty time spaces on your CV. No one wants someone who is content with inactivity on their payroll. If you spent 2 months for computer training, or a year to have a baby, or something like that that you may not be able to put on your CV, have the info handy for your interviewers when the time comes. Its nothing to be ashamed of.

7. Have email courtesy: know whom you are applying to and address him/her accordingly. Use formal language. Presentation is key at this stage.

8. Make sure that your referees/references are aware: it will be a very painful thing if you manage to go through the rigors of exams and interviews only for your company to call your references and they reply “Who is Frank Donga? I have no idea whom you’re talking about!”. Inform them before hand. At the beginning its allowed for you to use a lecturer from school or any academic reference until you establish more professional contacts.

9. Network! : Wherever you go, be ready to sell yourself. You never know, your job may come from someone you meet at the next event you attend. Also, extend your connections to online forums like LinkedIn,( I’m still guilty of this one), Facebook and Twitter.

10. Get rid of all your scandalous pictures on social media: Your undergraduate and NYSC days were turnt, I know. Just make sure you remove every pictorial evidence that might stand in the way of your favourable employment or even future political ambitions. I hope I’m talking with smart people. Let it not be said that history repeated itself in you. Enough said.

11. This may seem like a no-brainer but you would be surprised at the number of young unemployed graduates who have smartphones but are not subscribed to any job website. I wonder what the function of the device is then? You could start with jobberman.com, hotnigerianjobs.com, myjobmag.com, and ngcareers.com. I can at least vouch for these four.

These posts will come sequentially in a series. Part 2 coming right up.

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Monday Humor -Aunty Sabi

Anyone who went to uni in Nigeria must have experienced the strikes at least once. ASUU strikes have become a normal thing in the Nigerian tertiary education system. While waiting for the compilation of my final year results prior to NYSC, the strike began again. This would be the third time I would be experiencing it while in University. These people want make person get grey hair all in the name of getting BSc. So of course, homegirl had to find something to do to keep busy. Father intervened, asking me to be his Personal Assistant at the bookstore.


I agreed since I already had experience working there every summer holiday since I was 12 anyway. Plus, I couldn’t decline a free ride to and from work now could I? During those few months, I made new friends, and of course I had a few mishaps, what I like to call hembarrazzing moments. One of them was the day I declined an over-enthusiastic toaster. He was this very loud person who had a very unforgiving Igbo accent (Igbo bu Igbo, mma mma nu!), and in typical omata fashion, everything had to revolve around him and what his money could do. Some omatas are cute sha, this one’s attitude wasn’t.

I had given him the cold shoulder, but of course, business had to go on nevertheless. After ordering his goods and getting them packed in cartons, I had the invoice written and proceeded to calculate the total. He was standing beside me and monitoring the calculation, and, being in show-off mode, you need to see how my fingers flew over the keys of the calculator!


Omo mehn! I was feeling fly! One only needs to see how I haughtily cocked my head to one side while performing the calculations. It was a really long invoice and I typed the last figures with a flourish, ready to input the total on the invoice…. But I looked at the screen and alas! It was blank! Wait, wait wait! Hollup! So this guy had quietly stood by my side, watching me humiliate myself by typing in all the figures in the long invoice even though he knew the darned thing wasn’t switched on?! Chai!!!! DiarisGodooooo!!!

Embarrassed doesn’t even describe how I felt at that moment. I looked up at him, and just as I had imagined, he was watching me with a devilish smirk on his face, and I knew I made the right choice in not accepting his offer of a date. So, because I rejected you, you decided to punish me ehn? Issorai. In my mind I was banging my head on the table and screaming in frustration even though externally, I didn’t even act like I was pained. To maintain the last shreds of my dignity, I jejely called the sales boy and handed the long invoice to him. If oga here thinks he just got me frustrated, let him wait until this boy takes thirty minutes to do a 10-minute computation, then he’ll know what he  just did to himself. yimu to him.

I did not find it funny at that time but being who I am, I couldn’t help but see the humor in it. What was I even feeling like sef? Lmao!

Have a productive and stress-free week my friends!!!

Learn to laugh in the face of stress… It makes it lose its destructive potency – Chibugo

P.S: If you have funny anecdotes like this which you wouldn’t mind sharing, kindly send it in an email to bugovidase@gmail.com

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#LifeinUNN Trending Everywhere!

It is a known fact that every institution has its peculiarities and those who go through them are either the better or the worse for it. For example, Unilag and Uniport students are usually categorized as social animals who know how to party and flex. Private universities like Covenant and Madonna are known to be very uptight, but the students are said to be the EXACT opposite as soon as they’re outside the institution’s walls. Eees nor me dat tell you oh. On another level is University of Nigeria Nsukka, my alma mater, otherwise known as University of Nsogbu Nsogbu. (Nsogbu means trouble/stress in Igbo). Now, schooling in UNN is a different ball game entirely, because it requires intelligence and loads of work for one to get in, and bucketloads of patience, grit and hardwork to make it out alive with a good result. It only serves to toughen us and prepare us for whatever the real world has in store. Trust me, I’m not saying this just because I graduated from there, its a fact that most people have come to accept.

As a matter of fact, the environment of the school alone shows that over there, they mean business. It is an academic environment through and through; its as though the authorities when establishing the school said,”if you want to catch fun, go find it elsewhere”. Little wonder we are conferred the title: great Lions and Lionesses. Its better experienced, I tell you. You are roasted in the fire and melted so that you come out stronger and more refined. Well, a UNN Graduate is ahead of you…naturally. Lol. So I was jejely and nwayorly strolling down the streets of Twitter and Facebook when I came across numerous tweets and posts with the hashtag #LifeinUNN. They were all so hilarious that I missed dinner because my belle don full with laff. You know how I love y’all, so I just had to share.If these screenshots dont make any UNN graduate nostalgic, then I don’t know what will! Now let me warn you, this is a picture heavy post!EnjoyScreenshot_2016-01-11-22-32-55Screenshot_2016-01-11-22-32-22.pngScreenshot_2016-01-11-22-34-17.pngScreenshot_2016-01-11-22-36-40.pngScreenshot_2016-01-11-22-40-11.pngScreenshot_2016-01-11-22-40-51 (1).pngScreenshot_2016-01-11-22-41-59.pngScreenshot_2016-01-11-22-41-59.pngScreenshot_2016-01-11-22-50-13.pngScreenshot_2016-01-11-22-50-13.pngScreenshot_2016-01-11-22-51-38.pngScreenshot_2016-01-11-22-55-51.pngScreenshot_2016-01-11-22-56-57.pngScreenshot_2016-01-11-22-59-06.pngScreenshot_2016-01-11-22-59-39.pngScreenshot_2016-01-12-06-51-39.pngScreenshot_2016-01-12-06-54-42.png

I hope you enjoyed reading them as much as I did. To those still in the “den” called UNN, enjoy your time there because it only lasts so long, and the rest of your life is spent remembering. Be sure to live now in a way to give you only good memories in the future. Students and alumni of other schools, can you relate?  If you have any new #LifeinUNN punchlines, make us happier than we already are by putting them in the comments!

Till my next post, kizzez, hugz and kulikuli.

Mahadum is the Igbo word for University; It literally means: learn it all. So, learn it all, for it doesn’t end in the pages of your books. – Chibugo

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Monday Humor – Busted!

I hope you’ve all been enjoying the holidays so far, despite the fuel situation. Eku enjoyment. How many of una travel go village? Hope country life dey totori una o. Life is too short not to enjoy your holidays biko. Yes its a public holiday and you’re all chilling at home with your loved ones, but a little laugh never hurt anyone, right? Lately I’ve been reminiscing about my uni days and my escapades as an undergrad student (which really aren’t much, but make me shake my head a lot of the time). I’m terribly glad I have the ability to laugh at myself in many situations oh. Abeg hypertension cannot come and kill me on top de mata. I wonder how one person could have been in so many hembarrazzing situations in one lifetime. Anyway, I obviously survived them all, so here goes.

While I was in uni, I was what you could call a triangular student. The three locations I was always likely to be found were class, church, or the hostel. I had this really serious facial expression that when people were able to finally get to know me as a friend, they wondered how someone’s appearance could be so deceiving, because despite my seriousness, I am a fun person, really. I just didn’t play around with my studies. My papa nor send me come school to play.

People would always describe me as serious, focused, churchy, efiko(I wish), upright, echetaram echetaram. I was(still am) that kinda person. Someone said she liked to come to the hostel tap to fetch water whenever I was there because you could be sure that everybody would use their turn and not jump the queue because I would be ready for you! I had people saying “good evening” or “good morning” to me right from first year and always wondered why, until I realized it was my serious face. Chai!

Anyway, on to the mata wey carry me come today. That was how this particular day in my third year, there was a birthday party going on in the hostel lounge. I had been studying all day and I was tired. As I decided to come up for air, since the music from the lounge was quite loud, na im the dj put one beta jam like that. Here’s a little secret about me: I’m a really good dancer(especially where no one can see me. lol). Yours truly stood up to the occasion and began to dance her heart out. Chei! I dance ehn, soteey sweat full my body. There was no style I didn’t dance that day. You know how you dance without inhibitions when you feel no one is watching? All my craze was let loose that evening into the dance. When I had used dance to exorcise all the demons that usually gather in my head after long hours of study, I was finally satisfied with my little exercise and decided to go to the hostel canteen to get myself a drink. As I passed by the lounge, I saw that the place was full to capacity and people were standing around. They were all over the place. I wondered the big babe that was celebrating this time. As I got outside, I saw that there were even more people gathered there. But here’s the weird thing. They were looking at me! And some were trying hard not to. Alarm bells were already going off in my head. I paused first to gauge the situation. I know I am not bad looking, but my beauty is definitely not enough to make these people stare at me like this. I just jejely continued my waka down to the canteen, and guess what I discovered! My window! The darned thing was closed, but the curtains were all open! My room was on the ground floor, so you should know the implication of this discovery by now. The whole world had just witnessed what I call my “craze dance”! My heart started going gbigidim gbigidim gbigidim. I was frozen in place like this for some seconds

before I got myself, closed my open mouth, and kept moving in typical Chibugo style, trying to maintain my composure like nothing happened, while in my mind, this is how I was:


How would I show face again and still be taken as the serious and efiko Chibugo they all knew? Ah! Mogbe! *hands on head* My own yaff finish! I made it back to my room without any mishap other than a few open stares and laughs with pointing fingers. It was not a small something and I’m glad I survived it. Oh boy! Imagine all the babes with their boyfriends and all the chykers who we derisively nickname Ogos(Inlaws in Igbo) watching me in my moments of madness without gate fee. Smh. Shame wan almost kee me that day. Thankfully no one that knew me very well was among the crowd that evening. Praise Master Jesus! I for no hear word till I graduate. On thinking about it later, I realized that I should be glad I was fully clothed while doing the dance, if not,…..*faints*. You know how we can like to wear next to nothing in the dorm rooms, all in the quest to be comfortable. Hehe. Chim mu anya. *beats chest* My God is awake. He wee not let such evil befall Him pikin.


I hope the story above made you laugh off life’s stress. A reader suggested I request other readers to contribute stories to the Monday Humor column, to enable some variety. I quite agree. So if you have funny personal stories you would like to share, do send it in an email to bugovidase@gmail.com.

Dance like there’s nobody watching, Love like you’ll never be hurt. Sing like there’s nobody listening, And live like it’s heaven on earth.– William W. Purkey

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