Monday Humor : What the…?!

Let me tell you a story.

You see, Kiisi, my little sister, is a very special child. If not for anything, she’s the only really dark kid among us. I envy her that. Besides that, she’s really  smart(too smart for her own good sometimes), and for someone so young, gets things done in record time. As you must know by now, this post is not to extol her great qualities 😎.  She’s soon going to be a teenager, but this event happened 4 years ago.

You know how kids like to play and play and play till they drop? If you’ve ever babysat your siblings or any kids at all, you’ll understand what I mean. They play till you get dizzy from chasing them around and decide to be more sensible and leave them well alone.

This was one of those days. Homework done, chores done, the little ones went out to play. And play, they did. They seemed to have an endless store of energy. When they returned into the house, they stank of sweat and sand and every other thing kids play with. The thing is, after play and bath time, the next thing they do is sleep. Anyone with younger siblings should be able to relate with this: cooking dinner while doing everything to make sure that their eyes remain open till it’s served. I would play songs from my phone, dance for them, read to them, play games with them, sometimes to no avail. The more I did these, the more it seemed like fuel was being poured into the fire of sleep. Television was not even an option. It put them to sleep right away.

Anyway, I wasn’t letting them go to sleep without dinner no matter what. No way would anyone be waking mother or me up at 3 am to cry “I’m hungry”. So we sat to eat, and I was satisfied to see that everyone was actually eating. I faced my food.


After a few minutes, I heard my sister Kato, snickering and pointing. Adinbilivit! Kiisi had been  putting her morsel of eba into the bowl of water reserved for washing hands, and eating it! She kept at it, rhythmically,and with her eyes closed,  until I smacked her lightly and she woke up from the loud laughter around her. I had to send the poor thing to bed before she hurt herself in the name of having dinner. Some things are better seen than retold, I tell you. 😂😂

Till my next post,  XOXO

Have a great week, and don’t forget to be awesome!


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