When did our entertainment industry become so over-sexualized?

frowny faceI was watching television some time ago after taking a long break from it and it struck me that no one was safe anymore. No one is safe from being bombarded with sex from every corner. You watch the telly, its there, right in your face: girls try to outdo themselves in music videos, getting naked and wiggling all their body parts in your face. To what end? You know what really pains me? The men in these same videos are usually well dressed. Overdressed, even. The movie industry isn’t left out. While walking the streets one day, I came across some posters for Nigerian movies. Practically all the girls on it were semi-nude. Nobody told me to keep moving. I mentioned this to someone and he said: “Its simple, sex sells.”

Okay, so sex sells. So what? That means somebody cannot watch secular stations on television anymore? Honestly, those ratings of 16 or PG13 no longer make any sense because they may have as well put them on the usual 18 range. Even the lyrics of most of the reigning jams in town always contain questionable lines. My question is that, since these stars know that they are role models to many young people in the society, and they also claim to want a “morally upright” society, why do they not moderate their lines? To make more sales? The women that subject themselves to such silliness are the reason men will never take us seriously when we scream women empowerment.

I was listening to my baby sister, Kiisa, gleefully singing one of the recently released Nigerian songs and I was horrified when I heard the lyrics coming out of her nine-year old mouth. These people will not let these children preserve their innocence! She probably didn’t really understand the words she was singing, but one day too soon, she would find out. This is how young boys and girls start from hearing, to doing. Na from clap e dey take enter dance. Later we complain about the rate of rape cases in the society. Nigeria is a secular country, true. I just appeal to our entertainers to be a little more G-rated and less 18-rated. It is not everything that Oyibo people do that we must copy, I beg una. Parents too, should devise a means of monitoring what their children watch on television. I’m not saying shield them from everything concerning sex, but really, many of these entertainers are up to no good. Kids’ constant exposition to over-sexualized entertainment will make them take a lot of things as normal, which aren’t normal at all. This isn’t just for kids. Even as adults, our moral standards erode when we are constantly in the midst of what is the exact opposite of what we stand for.

Father always says, “When a goat that doesn’t know how to sneak into the barn to eat yam tubers moves in the company of one that does, he soon learns to do so”. Kiisa and her older sister Kiisi will have to stick to Nickelodeon, Disney junior, and an occasional trip to Africa Magic Family. Every other thing will be monitored, as far as I’m concerned.


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8 thoughts on “When did our entertainment industry become so over-sexualized?

  1. It’s not a funny situation oo, it seems like it started small, and not its so so uncontrollable! How did we get here? It’s difficult to censor anything these days. Let me not even start to lament as e dey pain me, it won’t be funny, but our ladies sef, must we open everything, or almost everything to get attention?

    1. I applaud the speed at which we Africans learn things ooh! If only a good filter was in place for these things we learn! We just swallow it all like fools! I think we are our own problem this time around.

  2. It’s quite appalling that by trying to imitate the westerners they now went overboard. Atleast same westerners still value the moral standard of the society, children in particular. They monitor and restrict certain things and their censor board is still effective unlike here in Nigeria where corruption and negligence have been the order of the day. I was just viewing AM channel on a particular day like that and the programme was rated 16 with parental guidance, the prog was not obscene and the next prog was music, and to my greatest surprise it was rated for all age group and the next thing I saw was almost naked dancers and the lyrics were so vulgar that I questioned the essence of the ratings,when the former would have been rated general and the later, the music PG 18…I just drew my conclusion that this censor board doesn’t really care about the implications, what they are after is the money…their criteria are not based on the moral or societal development but merely on money factors…So just like someone quoted earlier, for them it is “simply sex sells” and it gets worse as the days go by… Ihe ojo gbaa afo o buru omenala!

  3. May God safe us and protect our love ones from any kind of bad sixaul act. This is a good observation and you have spoke well. God bless.

  4. I think I saw that video too. It made me marvel at the different kinds of human beings we have on earth. It all becomes a vicious cycle… God help the next generation

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