Monday Humor : Pepper soup!

The witches from my village said there would be no Monday Humor post today, but Jesus said no. Here we are finally. It’s been a very hectic day at work for me, I apologize for the late post. Thank God for mobile devices, as I’m actually typing on the go. So whether you’re on the way home from work, class, or already relaxed at home, here’s one for you.

Kembu my big sister got married a couple years ago and during their honeymoon months, her and her husband made it a point of duty to try out all the restaurants in their new neighborhood. Turns out there was this pepper soup joint that they had been hearing about from friends for a long time. So they decided to hang out there one night.

Kembu made her order and her hubby decided to listen to the band first before making his order. After a few spoons of the soup, she complained. “these people want to kill somebody with pepper oh!  Haba”! Her eyes were already beginning to water and her nose was running freely. To which her hubby absently replied,” you just don’t know how to eat peppersoup. You’re not supposed to be taking a sweet drink with it. Stop complaining joor”. Kembu looked at him and didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. Just negodu this guy saying she doesn’t know how to eat peppersoup! She who qualifies as a master peppersoup eater! Chai!

In full retaliation gear now, she asked him sweetly, “won’t you make your order dear?”, and he did. It only took one spoon to remove his entire attention from the band.  He was sputtering all over the place. “Blood of Jesus!”  He yelled, looking around and rubbing his head in shock as his mouth hung open. “Kembu, is this what you’ve been eating all this time? Are you human at all”? Seeing her expressionless face, he directed his anger elsewhere. His eyes were already tearing up and his nose was running. After just one spoon. Chai! Their peppery dinner was left untouched as they left the restaurant in a haste.

In the car, he continued his tirade at the management of the place. As they reversed and got into the main road, he realized how silent Kembu was. He looked over at her, and in the dark interior of the car, all he could see were her eyes sparkling with suppressed mirth. She maintained a straight face and replied drily: “You just don’t know how to eat pepper. Stop complaining joor”. He shook his head, remembering that he used the same sentence few minutes ago. It was his turn to be confused as to whether to laugh or cry.

Revenge is sweet 😀

As any wife or husband knows, it(marriage) requires a whole lot of love and an unflappable sense of humor. – Kristine Solomon.

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8 thoughts on “Monday Humor : Pepper soup!

  1. Lolz some restaurants can sha pepper their soup, I had the unfortunate experience to take one at a joint in abj, Walahi I just didn’t know where they got the pepper from cause it was soo hot but as a lasgidi brought up I no wan fall my hand. The long story short I didn’t only have a teary eye and running nose omo two days later the stomach also decided to run too Lmao.

  2. Hahahahahaha! I don’t even take those peppersoup oo! Infact, I don’t order peppersoup at all sef. I care about my stomach so much, I can’t even try that ni.

  3. Chai the problem with this type of pepper soup is when you enter toilet you Anus will feel the full effect of the pepper

  4. To think my very own plate of peppersoup was before me while I was reading this post…hahaha. But my own no get too much pepper shaa…I care for my hubby’s ulcerative stomach. If not I go chop am alone…. And then die alone…lol…
    Nice one Bugo!

    1. Awww, please care well for him oh. Just be making the peppersoup without pepper. Hehe. We can’t have any peppery incidents again, eh? Thanks for visiting Nulis. I’m glad.

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