Drunk on Petrichor

The rains have come! Hopefully the heat is over.  I’m happy, but not very. Even though I was born in the middle of the rainy season, I don’t like rain. The roads will soon become a nightmare. If you live in Lagos, you should understand what I mean. But hot damn! I love the smell that comes after the first rain! Thankfully my job at the moment lets me wake up later that the majority of Lagos’ workforce, so immediately I saw that it was raining, I did my kumbaya dance(it looks like this)


and promptly dived back into bed. Hours later, the rains have stopped and I have to go out. I am supposed to take a bike to my bus stop before i board a vehicle, but I do not even know when I arrive there on foot. I’m drunk on petrichor. That’s what Oxford dictionary tells me it is called.

The pleasant smell that often accompanies the first rain after a period of dry weather has a significance for me, as do many other things which I choose to place significance upon. It is a sign of hope to me. As the plants have had to do without water for months now, but suddenly receive what they have been thirsting for, I know that the dreams and aspirations I thirst for are valid and will one day be watered.

Everything suddenly seems to take on a new vibrance of color, a brand new shade of green, like a preparation for something big just round the corner. And so I’m also preparing myself. I am afterall, part of nature. Go out there and breathe it in. Remind yourself that it is a sign of beautiful things to come.

Petrichor. It is like poetry.:-)

P. S: I really do not know what got into me, but whatever it was, it made me start typing this post on the go. Enjoy it, *I hope*

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6 thoughts on “Drunk on Petrichor

  1. First rain ke? And here in Nsukka, it looks like harmattan came back!!! It’s too dry here. Between harmattan and rain, I don’t know which I’ld prefer. Can I just make my own blend? Somebody??

  2. It is so funny how whether conditions vary from place to place. It was as if it will rain same time in Nsukka and then comes back Mr. Harmatan in Nsukka, stronger than before that I am even in my track, under the blanket. My body is warm now sha, but my nose; I feel like using cotton wool to cover this “chill breeze” from entering…..

  3. Oooooooh I love rain so much….especially when i’m home and there is light. Then I snuggle under my duvet, watch a movie or fall asleep to the rain.

    But when I have to drive out and there’s traffic as a result of the rains…..

    Infact, rain can do no wrong in my eyes! *chuckles*

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