Mid week Mendemende – Look What Linda Ikeji Caused

When I decided to start writing this blog, I had one thing in mind; to have an interactive space where people(my target audience being young people like myself) could drop by and share ideas, be entertained sometimes, and proffer solutions to current issues where applicable. I started this blog almost two years ago but only got around to writing in it some months back. It takes time and commitment to keep to a schedule, and not just that, but to come up with creative and original stuff to blog about. I really hate to steal people’s ideas as pose them as mine. Every single post is well thought out before it gets published.

Imagine my surprise when an old friend from uni called me to congratulate me. The conversation was something like this:
Friend: Hey Bugo, what’s up?
Me: I’m great, how u doing?
Friend: I’m managing oh, unlike you naaw. I heard you started writing a blog
Me: Haha. But that doesn’t change anything naaw. I’m still a struggling babe.
Friend: Hmmmm. You people sef. The next thing I know now you’ll buy your own house on Banana Island. Be there deceiving us.
Me: (Jaw dropping)Ewo, How that one wan take happen naaw?
Friend: Meaning you’re not making anything reasonable from your blog ehn?
Me: Oga, I’m not making shishi. What even makes you think everyone who owns a blog actually makes money from it? I even spend on my data and all that, and this one is speaking of money. Choi! Na wetin Linda Ikeji don cause be dis!
Friend: Then what inspires you to keep posting when there seems not to be any benefit from what you’re saying?
Me: The fact that people actually read my blog and give me great feedback, dazall.
Friend: I find that hard to believe o
Me: Ngwanu, believe whatever you may, but I don’t make anything from my blog. I’m even hosting it on a free platform at the moment.(already getting annoyed)
Friend:(taking the hint) Okay ooo, I just felt that knowing what you’re capable of, that blog would be making plenty money for you right now and I decided to congratulate you and famz small. I didn’t know it wasn’t so. Biko nor vex.
Me: Issorait.

I have a feeling he still doesn’t believe me and I laugh when I think of this call. I wince when I think that many other people must  be thinking the same way. So all bloggers are rich ehn? SMH. If it was so, every Nigerian who owns a laptop would be a blogger by now. Abi you no trust Nigerians? LOL. It takes time, commitment and creativity to build a blog from scratch and sustain it to the extent that it drives enough traffic to draw advertisers, which is where most of the money usually comes from. You have to be in it for something other than money: passion. I’m from a very sciencey educational background and I love my sciences but I also love to express my artistic side through writing about stuff around me, expressing my thoughts and opinions in my very own unique style. I’m still very new at blogging and it will take ages before I make one kobo here, if I eventually monetize. The feedback I get from the blog via emails, calls and messages from those who want to comment but can’t, is sufficient to keep me going. If I eventually start making anything from this space, trust that you guys would be the first to know. Some people actually decide not to make anything from their blogs even when they have the traffic. Who knows? I may follow that path. People be comparing every blogger to Linda Ikeji. Smh. I have lost count of the number of ads on her blog. Its really like comparing a fry to a whale. LOL.

So guys, what is the biggest myth you’ve ever had to bust in your niche? How absurd did it sound? Please share in the comments section!


My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor and some style. – Maya Angelou

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