Life Lessons I Learned From Miss Universe 2015

Christmas night, I was unusually idle and decided to check through Youtube for anything funny to watch. Since I don’t do much television, I’d only heard in passing that something happened at the 2015 Miss Universe and didn’t pay any mind to it. On browsing through trending videos, I came across the video of that particular event and out of curiosity I decided to watch it. You can watch it yourself here. Chineke God of Mercy! Yeeeeeeeh! *Hands on head* I reject this kind of situation in Jesus name! I thought my reaction was dramatic until I read Sisiyemmie’s reaction on her blog. LMAO. Y’all should really check her out. She composed prayer points against the situation. You can see her reaction here.

Okay, let me break down this situation to you. A girl participates in a huge beauty pageant and is picked out of a whole bunch of other girls. She is on the stage with just one contestant beside her, so it’s either of them. One of them is Miss Colombia and the other is Miss Philippines. Next thing the name of the winner is called out and voila! Its the girl next to her, Miss Colombia. She receives her flower and crown, and excitedly waves her national flag. Miss Philippines is sent to stand back in line with the others. In the next two minutes the event moderator comes to announce that there’s been a big mistake and that the real Miss Universe is Miss Philippines and not Miss Colombia! OMG! You may not feel the gravity of this situation if you don’t watch the video.

photo of the result card that got Steve confused

Anyone who has participated in a pageant of any sort, no matter how small, in fact any competition at all, would understand how nerve racking this kinda situation could be. I really felt bad for Steve when he came in, looking embarrassed and said: “Okay folks, I have to apologize…”. Even though I’m surprised that Steve Harvey my man, who is such a pro at what he does, could make such a mistake, I’m feeling somewhere in my mind that this was a stunt by the organizers of Miss Universe to gain popularity! If it is, I sure hope he was well paid! That’s just a thought though, don’t sue me. Before I ramble on and on and forget why I began writing this post in the first place, let me give you these two heavy duty points I was able to take away from this event.

1. No one on earth is has the ability to permanently keep you from reaching your dreams. In simple English: delay is definitely not denial. (If you’re ever in Miss Philippines’ shoes, this is for you)

2. The tides of life sometimes bring us fleeting victories. In whatever context whether victory or defeat, remain gracious. Summary of my point: Be gracious even in defeat. (This is for the Miss Colombias). If you watched the video, you must have noticed that even when it was clear that Miss Colombia’s two minutes of fame were over, she couldn’t bring herself to graciously hand over the crown. The Ex-Queen had to come remove it from her head to place upon its rightful owner. I believe the whole world would have had a whole lot more respect for her if she had made the move herself. If I were her, I would definitely have removed the crown myself, if not for anything, just for the fact that the whole world was watching me at that moment. Anyway, we’ll just chalk it up to shock.

Personally, I’d rather be a Miss Philippines than a Miss Colombia in this life. I’m just talking my own oh. Chai! It can be painful to have a lump of sugar placed in your mouth and be forced to spit it out to be given to someone else. You get warra mean? Speak your thoughts in the comments if you can relate.

Have a lovely Christmas weekend!

There are winds of destiny that blow when we least expect them. Sometimes they gust with the fury of a hurricane, sometimes they barely fan one’s cheek. But the winds cannot be denied, bringing as they often do, a future that is impossible to ignore. – Nicholas Sparks.

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9 thoughts on “Life Lessons I Learned From Miss Universe 2015

  1. Exactly my thoughts…miss Columbia should have handed the crown over herself…but like you said, let's chalk it up to shock. Miss Philippine responded smartly to all of her questions. She deserved it.

  2. Oh my God! While sympathizing with the situation, this piece is damn breathtaking.
    Thanks for choosing to write; you better the world in more ways than you know.

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