How 419 guys tried to ruin my new year celebration

It occurred to me today that in the same way we are all hustling to make legal money to take care of our expenses, some of our guys on the “other side” are working twice as hard to relieve us of this hard earned money.

That was how I was on my own oh, putting together my list for foodstuff that we had run out of, when I got a text message from “CBN”. I kent shout; the screenshot is here for you.

Screen_20151230_200627 (1)

For a moment I was truly alarmed, before I read the message again and laughed at the scammer’s foolishness. Imagine CBN Customer care asking me to call them! Lmao! The same ATM card that I used two days before? Thunder faya devil family! I decided to call the mumu and play along to hear his storyline. As I call the guy, na im he pick the call con dey talk all formal. His background gave him away from the start because there were noises. But I maintained. Shebi he wan do 419? We go know who go taya today.  *In Phyno’s voice* “Icho my money wete colat, you’re not even messing with my connect!”  LOL! My network provider don kuku dash me awoof airtime. So I began acting agitated like some damsel in distress, asking him how he could help me and all that. Na im d guy ask me, “what bank did you do your BVN with? I answered “you’re from CBN naaw, you should know”. The guy kept pestering me with questions and I kept dribbling him like Messi until he asked me “Just to confirm that you are the signatory to this account, please ma what is your account balance?”

At this point I laughed so hard that the guy had to end the call sharp sharp. Gini!? You want to know my account balance so that you will know if I’m a big fish or a small fish shebi? Idiat!  What nerve! I wanted to call him repeatedly and disturb his evil plans until he would have no choice but to block my number. How does one even report these things? Do you report to MTN or to CBN? SMH.

What really pains me is that someone out there will still fall for this kind of scam. Please, brethren and sistren, shine ya eyes oooh! Yahoo boys are not smiling this season! If you are ever in doubt, visit the bank yourself and make inquiries at the customer care desk. No time for stories that touch the heart this coming year. In fact this coming 2016 ehn, every fraudster that tries to dupe me or any of my family members or friends including you, yes you reading this post, Holy Ghost fayaaaaa! Has a scam ever been attempted on you? Educate others by sharing in the comments!

Feel free to share this post via any media. You never know, you might be saving a gullible person out there from being defrauded. To be forewarned is to be forearmed. Don’t say I did not tell you.

P.S: Who listened to the Presidential Media Chat? I listened to it on radio but I don’t think I understood a lot of what went on there, and I didn’t have access to a television. Anyway, I’m sure the news blogs will have it soon. Can’t sweat it. Happy Celebrations!

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15 thoughts on “How 419 guys tried to ruin my new year celebration

  1. Fayaaaaa yaaaaa yaaaa yaaa. Ndi ara! ATM deactivated for which bank or did they tell them that we have/use only one bank in Nigeria, mtchewww… Useless people that’s how they go about deceiving people. God grant us always the wisdom to overcome, control and win over them. Amen!
    I have received a message twice from them for Shell job, they are just lucky I wasn’t in the mood to play their naughty games… #We’r more than conquerors.

  2. They shall try but will always fail in the hands of the wise. I have said it earlier, only the unguided and greedy fall prey to fraudsters…… #Thanks for the Info Bugo

  3. hahahhahahahha got the same text last year, just had me a good Laff and hit d delete button. these guys just pick random numbers Buh if there were smart dem for just de do background check before sending to a number cos u can’t hustle a hustler lol

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